Raijin no Ittou
Name: Blade of the Lightning God [Raijin no Ittou]
Rank: A-Rank
Element: Raiton
Chakra Drain: 25%
Damage Dealt: 55
Ailments: Paralysis
Hand Seals:
Range: Close Range, 5 feet
User(s): N/A

The user focuses chakra into either arm and collects ambient electricity into a tight lattice around the forearm and hand. By compressing the electricity and chakra together, the user forms a single-use electrical blade. While the blade has no real substance and thus cannot block or parry, its side-effect more than makes up for it - the area around that which is struck by the blade will be instantly shocked numb. Area around the spot that the blade strikes will be completely numb for two posts. The blade disappears after striking the opponent, since all of its electricity enters the opponent during the strike.


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