Republic of Shadows
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Country Names
Name English: Republic of Shadows
Name Japanese: Kyouwakoku no Bikou
Name Kanji:
Shadow Knight Republic Flag
Political Information
Current Daimyo:
Capital City: Yamigakure no Sato
Country Rank:
Surface Area
Total Surface Area Miles:
Total Surface Area Kilometers:
Total Land Surface Area Miles:
Total Land Surface Area Kilometers:
Total Water Surface Area Miles:
Total Water Surface Area Kilometers:
Social Information
Current Population: 21,983,922
Primary Ethnicity: Black 56%, Hispanic 24%, Caucasian 12%, Asian 5%, Native 3%
Official Language: English, Spanish, Welsh
Official Religion Shinigamism

Shadow (Bikou or Cysgodol) officially the Republic of Shadows (Kyouwakoku no Bikou or Gweriniaeth Cysgodol), is the largest major country on the continent of Medius Terra. Located in the central region of the continent, it's borders touch almost every single country aside from Sea Country and Southern Ice Country. To the east is the Sea of Heavens and Grain Country. To the south lay the growing Marsh Empire. To the west lay the wastelands of the Surdar Desert and the countries of Ash Country and the Military District of Coal. To the north lay Sun Country and Northern Ice

Shadow is made up of a mainland mass and several islands that surround the countries borders.


20th CenturyEdit

Government PoliticsEdit

Foreign Relations and MilitaryEdit

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Education and HealthEdit

Culture and RecreationEdit


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